Homejoy No More

The surprise came in email form. My favorite house cleaning service, Homejoy, abruptly shut its doors last week:

We came far and we thrived in many ways--but we also faced challenges. We gave it our all, but regret to announce that it is time to say goodbye. Homejoy will close its doors on July 31st.
My first thought was, "where did they go wrong"? The service was great at a decent price. Sure, most people opt for loyal house cleaners that will go to any length (of time) to clean every speck of dust and fold every napkin you have. Or the reliable cleaner who gets your whole house down at half the going rate anywhere else.

But there was something to be said about the ease of booking with Homejoy. There is no negotiating of times. No texting or calling back and forth. No haggling over the price or wondering who you'll go to if something is damaged or stolen. With Homejoy, you traded a little bit of loyalty for efficiency. Within 2-3 clicks I could have my cleaning booked. Just login to their simple website (or recently-released app), pick your date and time and done.

Lo and behold, 20 employees of Homejoy were actually snatched up by Google, undoubtedly for some unannounced new home service category. How long until your house cleaner shows up at your door in a self-driving car?

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